Mirwais Hakeemy (left), 38, and his brother Mohammed Faheem Hakeemy (right), 36, both started working with the kamra-e-faoree a quarter of a century ago using the same camera. Today they work alongside one another in their own photo-studio, where Mirwais's son (above centre) also helps out. Remembering frequent competitions on the same street between kamra-e-faoree photographers to see who could produce a photograph the fastest - because the quicker the service, the more customers would come - the older brother Mirwais boasts he could take a photo, fix the image, and cut it into size, all in two and a half minutes - and would still be able to do so if he had the materials! His favourite kamra-e-faoree photograph he took was a portrait of a group of Mujahiden friends in 1994 - "with their guns," he adds. Evidently they appreciated it too as they gave him extra money.