Rohullah is a native of Kabul and as of June 2011 he's also one of the last two remaining kamra-e-faoree photographers left working in the city. He's been in the trade forty of his sixty years, and was taught how to use the camera by his brother, who before he entered the military was also a kamra-e-faoree photographer. Rohullah has been working from the chowk in downtown Kabul next to a digital photo-studio for the last four years but he's also had pitches in Jadda chowk and Shar-e-Nau. Business is best between between morning time and lunch, he says, which is also when the sun favours his position. Nowadays his customers are primarily students who get their photos taken for identity documents so they can apply for food coupons. With only twelve boxes of Lucky photographic paper left, Rohullah's days as a kamra-e-faoree photographer are numbered.

UPDATE: In 2012 Rohullah had left his pitch to open a grocery store in the outskirts of Kabul. A perfume seller has taken over his pitch.