"Ramona Zündloch" by Paul O'Montis


 1. Ramona Zündloch was no different from the other women, she loved Alfred Braun, the radio genius. She found Richard Tauber sweet and musical too, and Emil Janning's belly adored her. She never once laughed at Charly Chaplin, but Amanullah brought her flowers to the coupé. Ramona Zündloch was almost still a child, only in love she was a cursed carrion / fun, when she was right at the source.


2. For her mother ran a beauty institute, and massaged gentlemen there, strictly ritually, and one day a Persian saw her daughter there, he took her away to his bor- uh, hotel. He taught her Van de Velde drop by drop, but she was already perfect before - he geda-ha-hacht. And this Persian grew more and more perverse, until one day she didn't quite realise whether she was a female or a male.


3. Then she played youthfully naive with Piscator and scored a point with Alfred Kerr. Then there was nothing left for her but the Salvation Army, where she sang "Great, whoopee! is our Lord!" Then Bert Brecht took her for three pennies on his chaise longue, and all that was left of her was that song. Ramona Zündloch had, hey, another child. Now she sits at the cash register in the Panoptikum, /shrum! Oh, God, how such a maiden's life goes quickly and painless. Ramona, Ramona, tralalalalihiii ....