Title: Photographs de Rue/Street Photographers/Minuteros
Author: Patrick Ghnassia and Zilmo de Freitas
Publisher: Katar Press (2001)

Text and photographs on box camera photographers and cameras around the world, including the history of street photography. In French, English and Spanish.



Title: Smudgers
Author: Chris Wroblewski
Publisher: Self-published (2003)

Fascinating collection of images from working street photographers around the world.



Title: !El que se mueve, no sale! Fotografos Ambulantes
Author: Pablo Méndez & Héctor Vélez
Publisher: Dirección General de Culturas Populares/Museo (1989)

An historical and biographical look at street photographers in Mexico. In Spanish.



Title: Los Ambulantes: The Itinerant Photographers of Guatemala
Author: Avon Neal & Ann Parker
Publisher: MIT Press (1982)

Insightful look into the lives of street photographers in Guatemala.



Title: Le Retour Imaginaire
Author: Atiq Rahimi
Publisher: P.O.L. (2005)

Collection of box camera images by Atiq Rahimi. Text in Dari and French.



Title: Murad Khane: Rebuilding an Afghan Community
Author: Laura Lean
Publisher: Self-published (2011)

Photographs illustrating the rejuvenation of the Murad Khane community in Kabul. Includes box camera photographs by Qalam Nabi.



Title: Kabul
Author: Martin Roemers
Publisher: Legermuseum (2003)

A photojournalist's portraits of Dutch soldiers stationed to Afghanistan taken with an Afghan box camera.





Title: The Victor Weeps: Afghanistan
Author: Fazal Sheikh
Publisher: Scalo (1998)

Touching photographic essay of a personal journey to Afghan refugee camps in northern Pakistan in the 1990s.



Title: Cameras: From Daguerreotypes to Instant Pictures
Author: Brian Coe
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish (1978)

Highly informative illustrated account of the history and development of the camera up to the late 1970s.



Title: Afghanistan
Author: Louis Dupree
Publisher: Princeton University Press (1980)

History of Afghanistan between the 1880s and 1970s.



Title: From Kashmir to Kabul: The Photographs of John Burke and William Baker 1860-1900
Author: Omar Khan
Publisher: Prestel Publishing (2002)

A fine collection of photographs by John Burke and William Baker from 19th century colonial India and Afghanistan with excellent scholarship by Omar Khan. Contains some of the earliest examples of photography from Afghanistan.





Title: Taliban
Author: Thomas Dworzak & J.L. Anderson.
Publisher: Trolley Books (2003)

A collection of hand-coloured portraits of Taliban.



Title: The Culture of Flowers
Author: Jack Goody
Publisher: Cambridge University Press (1993)

Anthropological study of flowers as a cultural phenomenon around the world.



Title: Burke & Norfolk: Photographs from the War in Afghanistan by John Burke and Simon Norfolk
Author: Norfolk Simon
Publisher: Dewi Lewis Publishing (2011)

Photographer Simon Norfolk follows in the footsteps of a John Burke, a 19th century photographer who took some of the first photographs from Afghanistan during the second Anglo-Afghan war. Images from both are juxtaposed in this finely crafted book.



Title: Where Three Dreams Cross: 150 Years of Photography from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India
Author: Gadihoke Sabeena & Geeta Kapur
Publisher: Steidl (2010)

A wide-ranging collection of South Asian photography spanning a century and a half. Contains box camera photographs from Pakistan.





Title: Camera Indica: The Social Life of Indian Photographs
Author: Christoper Pinney
Publisher: Reaktion Books (1997)

An historical and ethnographic study of photography in India with an epilogue on box camera photography in Delhi.





Title: Common Afghan Street Games
Author: Nico J.A. van Oudenhoven
Publisher: Stets & Zeitlinger (1979)

Step-by-step descriptions of over one hundred traditional Afghani children’s games such as ‘Flower Smelling’, ‘Milking a cow’ and ‘Melon’. Researched and published just before the Soviet invasion.





Title: Afghanistan et Iran
Recorded by: J.C. & S Lubtchansky
Label: Collection Musée De L’Homme (1956)

A musical journey through Afghanistan and Iran in the 1950s.



AFGHAN SCENE Photo special on the box camera photography of French artist Landry Dunand who lived in Kabul. 

HAS THE AFGHAN BOX FINALLY MET ITS MATCH An interview by Lynzy Billing with retired Kabul box camera photographer Abdul Haq Bartali in 2019.  

KABUL PHOTOGRAPHERS Photo-essay on box camera photographers in Kabul by Yannis Kontos.

AFGHANISTAN’S STREET PHOTOGRAPHY FADING AWAY David Zucchino's 2009 newspaper article on the demise of Kabul's box camera photographers (photos removed).

HAVE FUN IN AFGHANISTAN? ENJOY THE WEATHER… Siddarth Varadarajan's Times of India article from 2001 on photo-studios in Taliban times.

THE DOWNFALL OF CINEMA CULTURE IN PESHAWAR Frontier Post report on the decline of the movie-house in the north-west of Pakistan.

SPEAKING PICTURES The changing tactics of New York street photographers as reported in a 1937 issue of LIFE magazine.

NURUL’S ‘MINUTE’ CAMERA IS LIVING HISTORY Nurul Islam, a box camera photographer in Dhaka, is interviewed by Durdana Ghias.

STREET AND STUDIO An article on popular and commercial photography in India and
Bangladesh by Alec McHoul. With a section on box camera photography in India.

MELONS:AFGHAN RICHES AT THE SURFACE LEVEL Fabrizio Foschini of the Afghanistan Analysts Network explores the culture and poetry of the bountiful Afghan melon whose nemesis is the Baluchistan Melon Fly. 



FUTURE AFGHANISTAN An exhibition catalogue including handcoloured portraits and box camera images from Afghanistan.



THE PHOTO Rah'nawar Zariab's nostalgic story about a little boy in Kabul who longs to get his photo taken by a box camera photographer. 



ACKU The Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University. Their library catalogue can be searched from the homepage.

AREU The Kabul-based Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit. A research institute specialising in policy related research.

AFGHAN DIGITAL LIBRARY An online collection from New York Library of scanned books and manuscripts from Afghanistan aiming to preserve Afghanistan's publishing heritage.



LA PHOTOGRAPHIE EN AFGHANISTAN – RÉFLEXIONS AUTOUR D'UNE COLLECTION May Schinasi's monograph on the history of photography in Kabul in the beginning of the 20th century in Annali, Volume 56, 2; Istituto Universitario Orientale, Napoli, 1996.
BAMAKO PHOTOGRAPHERS (FROM 1870 TO 2000) Érika Nimis's essay on the history of photography in Mali with a brief mention of box camera photographers. In English and French.



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